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The Fallen Heroes EP

After taking some time out from releasing on his Bedfunk label to produce tracks for such labels as Quantize, Unquantize, Rhemi Music & Tribe Records Pat Bedeau is back this time on his own imprint with a mission to express his feelings through his music. With his first release of 2016 being the feel good Mojito, Pat is back with a deeper message that needs to be heard

The Fallen Heroes EP is the latest offering from Bedfunk founder Pat Bedeau exploring his deeper side of soulful with a message from the past. An ode to the fallen(Black)Heroes who offered leadership and guidance to blacks in America though turbulent times of race riots and general unrest. The messages spoken in both these iconic speeches, now like then still carry through today and the message and struggles are still very current as seen in the Riots in Baltimore in 2015. We need to stand together regardless of race, colour, creed or religion. The pillars that built our great house music community and a message that needs to be heard to this day.
Set for release on the day that Martin Luther King and Malcolm X met for the first and only time some 48 years ago on March 26th, their words come together on this EP, even though they had very different outlooks their messages are fundamentally the same. Fighting for equality as many races are still today. The Fallen EP pays homage to the struggle that goes on and the fight we share as brothers and sisters. The DJ promo set for release on 26th February in Black history month, it’s time to listen to our Fallen Heroes once more.

The artwork comes from an underwater sculpture by artist Jason deCaires Taylor in the Carribbean sea off the coast of Grenada which pays tribute to African slaves thrown overboard during crossing on the slave ships.

Produced By Pat Bedeau
Keys Ziggy Funk
Mixed & Mastered by Ziggy Funk @ Bedfunk Studios

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