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Way Back Cover Art

Pat is back with a new groove called Way Back exploring the deeper side of house.

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Heavy highly swung drums are the basis for this one. An arpeggiator drives this groove forward from the start and layered pads and swirls build and compliment the groove. Add synth stabs and an old school deep bass line with vocal stabs to keep the intensity high and the tone is set for this straight up club track. This one is definitely one for the dancers and the clubbers. Eyes closed head down and lights off business. We’re going Way Back!
Produced by Pat Bedeau
Written by Pat Bedeau & Ziggy Funk
Arranged by Pat Bedeau & Ziggy Funk
Drums by Pat Bedeau
Keys by Ziggy Funk
Mixed by Ziggy Funk & Pat Bedeau
Mastered by Ziggy Funk
Artwork by Fly Creative
Published by Copyright Control
P&C 2021 Bedfunk Records

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