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Pat Bedeau and E-man finally team up on a original production together. After 3 remixes that Pat has done featuring E-man’s vocals. First for DJ Spen’s Unquantize label Neil Hodgson’s Reminds me of You and two on E-man own Run Blooklyn imprint. E-man’s Not this Poem and David Anthony’s Urban Renewal re work have all made noise on dance floors all over the world and been supported by some of the top DJ’s.
What if is a track questions the legacy of slavery, a trademark that Pat has adopted on his label that tries to deal with the damage that slavery has inflicted on the world an indeed the legacy that has followed.

The track has an Afrocentric drum groove with a driving live bass line that permeates through the track. E-man asks the questions as a counter to the rising pads and synths with Fela Kuti style layered guitar riffs that rise into uplifting chord progressions. All the time E-man questions if the world would be a different place without slavery. Enchanting guitar solo’s lighten the mood before going back to more verses and driving synth runs. Warrior like cries add to the emotion of the track. Although the subject matter is dark the track is surprising light, positive and uplifting. A sure fire hit for any dance floor. To complete the package an instrumental which stands up own as a fine piece of music & musicianship another trade mark of the Bedfunk label combining live instruments with the electronic grooves.

What If is sure to get people thinking? Add to your playlist, can you afford not to?

Produced By Pat Bedeau
Vocals written by Pat Bedeau
Vocals Performed and recorded By E-man
Drums by Pat Bedeau & Ziggy Funk
Keys Ziggy Funk
Bass Ziggy Funk
Guitar Ziggy Funk
Mixed & Mastered by Ziggy Funk
Artwork by Tink

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