Bedfunk is an independent label focusing on Soulful House, Deep House, Nu Disco and Tech House productions. “Our goal is to work with the best musicians and artists all over the world to deliver great house music to the dance floors of the world.” Says label Founder & A&R Pat Bedeau.

A lover of all things soulful, soulful house was the natural place for the label to start but as with the eclectic nature of the dance scene now, where Soulful & deep house co exists alongside Tech and tribal and new genres like dubstep, expect to see a nice fusion of these sounds with some surprises thrown in with interesting remixes coming from this label across a diverse range of electronic genres.

The long term goal of Bedfunk is to be the most socially aware record label that concentrates on community and bringing people together through the love of music. Using conscious lyrics, stimulating quotes and famous speeches to educate people using music as a tool of education and social activity to enrich communities

Bedfunk likes to educate people on the history of black music and culture educating through the music and rhythms highlighting achievements, social and political injustice via a medium they can relate to. While socialising and partying with their friends and other people from all over the world. Creating an atmosphere that is about inclusion and stimulating conversation and positive thoughts and vibes.

The beats will permeate their soul and infused with positive lyrics to stimulate their inquisitiveness to find out more about the subjects covered. It’s our inherent human culture to come together to enjoy life in music and dance as we have for millennia.