Missing You Pat Bedeau feat. Anna-Marie Johnson

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Bedfunk are pleased to introduce and welcome a brand new artist to the label Anna-Marie Johnson.

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Anna-Marie is no stranger to the soulful house scene, with a plethora of releases on some of the finest labels like Mange Le Funk, Pretty Chief Records and Rhemi Music with Neil Pierce & Ziggy Funk. Her sultry jazzy tones are a great addition to the Bedfunk roster.

After a string of successful releases in 2021 including Wake Up feat Cleveland Jones on Bedfunk, Losing Faith instrumental on Nervous records and The Dance of The Incas EP on Atjazz Record Company, Pat Bedeau is back with this deep and soulful song joined by the wonderfully talented and super soulful Anna-Marie.

Missing you is a song about loss, something we have all had far too much of over the past few years. After receiving the news of the sudden passing of Pat Bedeau’s good friend the day before his first studio session with Anna-Marie, there was only one thing on Pat’s mind when asked what was the vibe for the session. While Ziggy was cooking up the chord progression on top of the beats Pat had laid down that morning, Pat got to writing and once Anna-Marie received the lyrics, she expertly brought the words to life, so much so that Pat had to leave the studio as it brought out so much emotion. This track has become a tribute to all who suffer loss and are missing loved ones.

Bedfunk are really proud to release this heartfelt song that we hope can help all healing from the pain of Missing their ‘You’.

Dedicated to my mate ‘Nick’.


Produced by Pat Bedeau
Written by Pat Bedeau & Ziggy Funk & Anna-Marie Johnson
Arranged by Pat Bedeau & Ziggy Funk
Vocals written by Pat Bedeau
Vocals Performed and arranged by Anna-Marie Johnson
Recorded at Bedfunk Studios
Drums by Pat Bedeau
Keys by Ziggy Funk
Mixed by Ziggy Funk & Pat Bedeau
Mastered by Ziggy Funk
Artwork by Fly Creative
Published by Copyright Control
P&C 2022 Bedfunk Records

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