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With early Support from C J MacIntosh, Booker T Kings of Soul, Deli Gee, Ed Ground Brazilian Soul Crew, Tony Wilson Def Goove, Park Street, Neil Pinnock, Bob Povey Bump & Hustle and many more

Pat Bedeau “Slave ship”
Coming soon to Bedfunk Records is “Slave ship” by Pat Bedeau, a vigorous production using relentlessly thumpin’ rhythms as playground for delectable jazzed-up keys and heavenly chords by Ziggy Funk. The ‘Dub Mix’ introduces a blazin’ hot organ ride and gives the track more of a dreamy feel perfect for late night, early morning play.

Michael Fossati, Spirit Of House

Over 400 years ago Slave Ships were the vessels used to take Africans from their home and loved ones and forcibly taken across the world into incarceration to be used to make vast fortunes for plantation owners in a business that shaped the modern world. 400 years later and you could say the prisons and the law have become the modern day slave ships taking un-proportional numbers of African descendants taken away from their families once more. Since the abolition of slavery dubious laws have made it possible to have a slave trade once more this time behind bars working for corporations, little difference to the plantations with “Massa” now wearing a badge and still carrying a gun.

Slaveship is a musical representation of journey millions of Africans have had to make, many not surviving the journey and even if they did only to live into a life of slavery and torture. The piece is a reflection of the arduous crossing and uplifting spirit and culture that has being born since the dawn of the Slave Ship

Produced By Pat Bedeau
Keys Ziggy Funk
Mixed & Mastered by Ziggy Funk @ Bedfunk Studios

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