Wake Up Pat Bedeau feat. Cleveland Jones Soullab Remixes

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Bedfunk are pleased to present to you this outstanding remix package from a pair of the hottest remixers out of the hot spot for soulful afro house, South Africa, who go by the name of Soullab.

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Soullab is a duo from Ga-Rankuwas in Pretoria. For the last 10 years these guys have been bringing their raw South African vibe to many of the top labels, including King Street, Raising Records, Rival Beat Records, Quantize, Atjazz Record Company and now Bedfunk with their remixes and original productions. These guys are all about the soul and use a combination live instruments and electronic hardware to deliver their message. They reached out to label head Pat Bedeau, when they first heard Wake Up and offered a remix. The results have been nothing short of breath-taking. Totally reworking this song to giving in that SA groove.

Also included in this package is the original mix, which still sounds as fresh as and deep as the day it was released.

We are very proud of this package that now spans 3 continents, this is exactly what we aim to do as a label, bring soulful music from all over the world to our audience. Enjoy Wake Up, which at it’s core is a song with a positive message of hope, something we all need now more than ever and will always be relevant to rise up and fight for what’s right.

Soullab remix produced & mixed by Soullab

Mastered by Martin Iveson at Arco Labs

Written by Pat Bedeau, Ziggy Funk & Cleveland Jones
Produced by Pat Bedeau
Arranged by Pat Bedeau & Ziggy Funk
Vocals by Cleveland Jones
Drums by Pat Bedeau
Keys by Ziggy Funk
Mixed by Ziggy Funk & Pat Bedeau
Mastered by Ziggy Funk

Photography by David Clifton-Strawn
Artwork by Fly Creative
Published by Copyright Control & ASCAP
P&C 2023 Bedfunk Music

Traxsource pre-order 01/12/2023
Traxsource Exclusive Promo 08/12/2023
Full release 22/12/2023

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